St Andrew's Church, Paddock Wood

We are extremely fortunate in Paddock Wood to be able to enjoy music in the superb, unclouded acoustic of St Andrew's Church. This quality has often been commented on by our audience members and is a constant source of enjoyment for us performers.

The old church was opened in 1851 and dedicated to St Andrew. Part of a stone wall from it still stands in the old cemetery on Church Road. 

Before November 4, 1940 Paddock Wood was comparatively unscathed by war, but at 11pm that evening a series of bombs are thought to have been jettisoned by a German bomber being persued by RAF fighters. The church took a direct hit and was destroyed.

The Kentish rag stone we see today on the lower section of the new church comes from the detritus of the wrecked old church - a wonderful symbol of rebirth.

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